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Dementia Is My Passion

Extended Family Member

As your Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), I provide guidance through the dementia journey and help you feel confident and give the support you need to overcome the daily challenges. Since 1996, I’ve worked with persons with dementia to achieve optimal lifestyles by creating an environment that gives the loved one and and caregiver ability to achieve quality of life and balance in all aspects of the disease and care coordination. Every journey through dementia is not the same but it has been my privilege to lead families, care organizations and the community at large through trainings, workshops and Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour® to decode the challenges of dementia and become your extended family member that is always there.

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Our Services

  • Assistance with Diagnosis, Care Coordination & Behavior Interventions

    Upon Request
  • Dementia Education and Seminars

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    Upon Request
  • Meal Preparation, Laundry, Travel & Doctors Appointment Accompaniment

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  • Workshops, Training and Seminars

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Client Testimonials

My mother was diagnosed with dementia and that is all the doctor said was you will need to get help? I thought what kind of help. I contacted Vanessa because I knew she worked with people with dementia. She came to my house and gave me solutions to all the things, I thought my mom was "doing wrong". The one thing I learned that helped the entire dementia journey was to stop telling her "stop doing that" or "you already said that" because she finally wasn't able to do or say anything. It was sad in the end but but Vanessa had prepared me for every step. Vanessa is a GOD send.

Jane S

Every month we have to do an in-service to meet state requirements. I dread it, because I could be doing better things like taking care of my residents. Well this particular day a new presenter was standing in front of all 20 or so of us playing music and the best smile. I had seen the same slides before but the way she explained the slides with working examples that I could take back to the floor and use. I went to my Administrator and requested she always comeback to teach us!

Harmonee K

My father has been in 4 facilities and you are the first person that seemed to get what kind of care he needs. I hope you never really know your stuff. Thanks for all you do!

Erika (Name Changed)

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Frankie Mae Foundation

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Roslyn Carter Institute for Caregiving



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Virtual Dementia Tour


Alzheimer's Association

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Caregiver Alliance

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Adult Children for Aging Parents


National Association of Area Agencies on Aging


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